The Finest of All Coney Island Hotels

This legendary beachfront attraction holds history in the palm of its hand and is truly a place to be visited at least once in your lifetime. Of course, this time is best experienced between June and September. Coney Island may seem worlds from the city, but our hotel's just eight miles away—an incredibly quick and scenic trip by train.

Get ready for the rides. Feast on cotton candy and people-watching. Prepare for a few surprises. This once decaying piece of New York history has been enjoying an ever-growing resurgence of renewal since the 1980s—without ever losing its beloved nostalgic aura. We've compiled a few of our favorite Coney Island attractions. We think you'll enjoy them, too.

Hot Spots Near Our Coney Island Hotel

From The New York Aquarium—the only aquarium in New York City—to the Coney Island Circus Sideshow to classic eateries and fine dining, Coney Island offers a wide variety of entertainment and fun for everyone. To learn even more about what to do, visit the official Coney Island website.